Wild Races

Wild Races 2.0

The game Wild Races presents a breathtaking variety of arcade races

Wild Races is a free arcade game from FreeGamesWay.com. The game allows you to choose from a selection of cars in order to participate in these "Wild" races. The developer claims the game is a reworking of the Need for Speed game, which seems unlikely. You have a 2D, Top-Down view of the car, similar to that of the original Grand Theft Auto. Once you select your car you are dropped down in a public road. You have to get to the finish line before the time runs out. It is not as easy as it seems, since every level you join in, even if it is the same level, has a different track layout. It is a nice feature to have, but in the end you can have as many variations as you want and still run in the same track. You are in a public road, so there is traffic on both lanes. And don't try to go off road, because you'll go slower and you will run over some pedestrian (curiously, in a similar way as GTA). You have a time limit to get to the finish line, so you must be quick. But if you hit traffic or a post, your car can blow up. There are power-ups in the game to help you get rid of this pesky traffic, without any regards for other people's safety. The graphics of the game are old, the game feels sluggish as well as the controls. It does not provide enough entertainment to keep you playing it. There are other casual racing games out there that are better.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Power-ups
  • Random Tracks


  • Sluggish feel
  • Sub-Par graphics
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